Sip On This: Sangria-Flavored Vodka…Yes, Please!

We have a pretty tall list of our favorite drinks…no surprise, and it should also be no surprise that sangria easily makes the cut! What’s not to like about it?! A concoction that starts with red wine as the base (we’re listening), with various fruits added to marinate within (okay, yum)…the only negative is waiting for it all to meld together to become absolutely fabulous! And hey, the antioxidants alone makes this an immunity-boosting option…at least, that’s what we tell ourselves when we go for seconds!



UV Vodka, one of the many producers of flavored alcohols, has come out with a sangria-inspired version. Now the verdict is still out on whether this can come close to capturing the magic of actual sangria, but it could be a much needed alternative when you are craving that fabulous fruity fusion, but haven’t the time to make the original.


This is definitely on our list to try, but anyone within reading range who may have already given this a shot, please share your critique of the drink!


Happy sipping:)

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