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Visited the museum today…I just don’t understand the appeal of some of this art. I mean, he doesn’t even have feet!

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A Harry Potter Summer


By christydalby I’ve been lucky enough to spend the summer with one of my besties, whose kids are also a couple of …read more    

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AMWM: “Ready for some tubing! Now if I can just find a life jacket that fits…”


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Slip On This: d’Orsay Flats


In our first in a new series of posts involving one of our favorite accessories (SHOES…squeal), we are highlighting one of the newest trends this season: The d’Orsay flat!   What’s not to love about this springtime slip-on?! They’re casual enough to slide into and go off where ever the warm, welcoming weather takes you, […]

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Is Feminism Costing Us Common Courtesy?


Feminism isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that I get paid as much as a man does, but I think feminism is giving men an excuse not to use manners. There are situations where feminism just doesn’t apply and men need to realize when that common […]

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Dick Etiquette 101: Break Up Tech


Guys, I’m gonna level with you…nothing has been better for breaking up with the ladies, than modern day technology! Do you remember the days of the dreaded phone break up?! Or meeting up in a public location…trust me, having witnesses around has kept the girls from going bat-shit crazy, since clearly they realize they’re losing […]

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Thank you for checking out our site. We each have our own separate websites, but we do so much collaborative work, that we wanted a place to showcase our joint efforts, as well. We are working hard to get more content out as soon as possible, and welcome any comments or feedback regarding our efforts! […]

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